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Home Crime Bulgarian Prosecution: Detained for Terrorism Student was Preparing Attack


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Bulgarian Prosecution: Detained for Terrorism Student was Preparing Attack

Image: Ministry of Interior

The prosecutor insists the 16-year-old boy from Plovdiv, who was detained in the middle of last week on suspicion of a prepared terrorist act, should be returned to detention.

On Friday, the court released the student and placed him under the supervision of an inspector from a pedagogic room. However, according to Siika Mileva, Speaker of Special Prosecution Office, the most appropriate measure for the teenager is currently "detention", and today the prosecution will insist the appellate court to hold the child.

"Explosives and devices have been found in volume and number, unmatched by any other case in Bulgarian history," Mileva said, adding that the investigators had found "serious communications containing information that the boy was preparing a terrorist act, including videos sent by him to the recruiter in that direction. "

The prosecutor's spokeswoman pointed out the co-operation that the boy's parents had done with the case but stressed that the radicalization signal was not provided by them.

"These explosives, with a huge volume even for Europe, are a surprise to themselves," Mileva said. That is why the accuser is of the opinion that the student must be isolated in a specialized environment in which psychologists and psychiatrists work with him.

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